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Narration and Characters

You want your audio book to match the written book. I will work with you to ensure this happens, establishing the right tone of voice, style and pace to suit your book.

I can provide a wide range of character voices and styles too, to ensure the listener is fully immersed into the world of your book.

Example: "Burly and Grum's Halloween Adventure"

You can listen to what I offer by checking out my Demos - or Contact Me with any queries you might have!


I provide voice services via on-site studio visits or from my Brighton and Hove studio.

Audio can be provided to you via FTP/Email/Dropbox/Skype in just about any audio format.

Turnaround times vary depending on the length of audio book required.


"The narrator was awesome, clear, concise and entertaining. A must read/listen for this or any other Halloween season! Job well done!" - H. Burrows, parent

"The audio production on Soundcloud was very professional and the narrator did a smashing job of creating voice characters and managing to entertain with his voice. The sound quality was high and enough of sound effects was used to entertain but not too much so that it distracts. Narration and audio production thus gets a 5 * review!" - W. Hartzenberg