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My Clients

It's an ever-expanding list, but some of my clients so far include:

My Web Sites

In addition to this voice web site, I have other web sites, some of which cover the other services I can provide. No, not like that. Like this:

About Me

I'm a 30-something male voice over, living in Brighton & Hove in the UK. I've always had a passion for all things radio, and through a bit of luck ended up with a bit of a voice for radio... probably face, too:

Pat Scullion

Not wanting to let that go to waste (the voice, not the face), I've had 14 years experience presenting, producing and providing voice overs - from student radio (winning a national Student Radio Award for Best Show along the way) through commercial radio and corporate phone systems to audio books.

Basically, I'll take any excuse to talk into a microphone. It's a passion. Or an illness. I'm never quite sure.