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T-Shirts, Hoodies and Kids Clothing

Below are the designs you can buy on various bits of clothing - t-shirts, hoodies and kids clothing. They're all available via the excellent RedBubble. Click on a design below to view it on RedBubble and, why the heck not - buy it :)

iNeed U
Hangman Style!
Cute Sauron
Cute Wizard
Cute (and Dangerous)
Box Jellyfish
Cute Blue Whale
Eager Beaver
Global Warming?
Squage Goes Diving
Don't Worry - Bee Happy

Who's this RedBubble, then, and why're you using them?

I sell my clothing through RedBubble for a number of reasons: quality, ethos and competitive price. In future I may bring this in-house, but for now RedBubble do a great job of hosting and posting my work!