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Punbelievable Trees Animation

Punbelievable: The Fallen Tree

My first foray into animation, I decided to bring the joys of punning alive.

Until those joys get clomped in half, at least...

Walk Cycle Animation

Walking and Whistling!

After many years of wanting to, I finally sat down to create a walk cycle of a cute guy wandering down the street.

It wouldn't be quite right if he didn't have some company on his walk...

Swirly Whirley Firework Animation

Swirly Whirley Firework

As part of Seb Lee-Delisle's brilliant Creative JS workshop in Brighton, I created this rotating, colour-cycling, bouncing and (occasionally) exploding catherine wheel-type effect.

It's created using JavaScript and Canvas, so should work on pretty much every modern device!

Want an animation?

If you've got an idea for an animation, or would like to commission me to work on one with you please Let me know!