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I can provide a wide range of art based services - from drawing you custom avatars, through creating cartoon characters and comic strips, through animations to portraits of people and pets. I'll, basically, be able to support whatever you're after (within reason).


I provide art, design and voice over services and can combine any or all of these to suit whatever requirements you may have. Get in touch with your requirements to find out more!

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The majority of my clients are individuals, although I've created artwork for XChanging and FCE Bank too. There are too many people to list here, so I'll just say this: thanks to you if you've chosen me in the past, and thanks for all the positive feedback! :-)

About Me

I'm a 30-something artist / cartoonist, living in Brighton & Hove in the UK.

Pat Scullion

Since I was a child I've been drawing, be it in the corner of workbooks at school, in the corner of lecture notes at University or in the corner of whiteboards at work. Occasionally I also draw on paper or computer. It's a bit of a passion.

During my 20s I'd followed a primarily technical path - achieving a BEng Hons in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick in 2001 and working in technical roles for an automotive finance company.

Throughout that time I've been developing my artistic skills and finally took the plunge to take a creative career direction in September 2011, when I began a 2 year Digital Media Design FdA at Brighton University.

This has given me an opportunity to be more creative than ever, and with my art alongside my design and voice over skills I'm really enjoying working in this direction and excited about the future!