Pat Scullion

Hello! I'm Pat and I'm a developer, illustrator, animator, occasional radio presenter, and general creative bod. Here lies a selection of the things I've made over the years - mainly for fun. Hope you like it!

Pat Cartoon



Pat standing

I'm a 40-something creative person, originally from Essex but now living in Maastricht in the Netherlands.

After getting a BEng Hons in Computer Systems Engineering from Warwick Uni, I worked at Ford Credit Europe for the best part of 10 years in various IT roles.

It was good, but I wanted something more creative, so in 2010 I quit and moved to Brighton to complete a foundation in Digital Media Design at Brighton Uni.

Since then I've been working as a freelance developer, designer, illustrator, occasional animator and video editor, plus voice over bod. Basically, anything creative that my clients might want!

Some examples of the web development and design work I've done are over on the Studio Scully website (a company I run with my partner Judit).

For fun (and maybe in future for a living), I (occasionally) make computer games, plus do internet radio - including the upbeat request show Squage Party.

Oh and I'm on Mastodon, because of course I am.


Fancy saying hi? Please get in touch!

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